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Corporate Services



Here at Face To Face Northants, we like to take a consultative approach to building and maintaining long term relationships with our clients.

Our broad customer base extends across all sectors including SMEs (Small and Medium Enterprises) and national organisations. Through these

links and partnerships, we have developed market leading experience, knowledge and practice which is shared with every one of our clients on a

daily basis. This ensures we can attract and retain the best candidates that are specific for your business staffing requirements.



Tailor-made Recruitment Solutions


All of our recruitment solutions are designed with one focus - the client. Each client has different needs and requirements meaning they all

require something different in order to fulfil their staffing vacancies. Every one of our tailor made recruitment solutions are designed to fulfil your

exact needs and deliver to or go beyond your expectations. We guarantee to never over-promise or under-deliver. By managing your expectations

and helping you in the way you approach each recruitment task, we promise to stick to that promise.



Account Managed Recruitment


Our account managed solutions deliver ad hoc arrangements to make it easier for you, and us, to manage and control the recruitment along

with allowing the client organisation to maintain and retain multiple recruitment supplier relationships.



Master Vendor Programme


The Master Vendor Programme we have in place offers complete resourcing capability. This ensures you 100% fulfilment through a

Single Touch Point approach. Not only does this help to increase value for money, our Master Vendor Programme offers better

visibility, control and compliance.



Recruitment Process Outsourcing


The Recruitment Process Outsourcing (PRO) we have in place allows clients to benefit from all of our market expertise which we have gained from

multiple disciplines whilst creating a client driven direct recruitment solution. The benefits our PRO can offer you include complete activity visibility in the recruitment solutions you choose, reduced time to hire, greater consistency and an improved experience for all users of the programme.



Volume Recruitment Solution


Our Volume Recruitment Solution has been designed with the specific challenges which are associated with the skill based recruitment of a large

volume of people in mind. This specific recruitment solution has a modular approach which allows clients to select the specific modules enabling the creation of a completely bespoke and purposeful solution. Combining the benefits of overall shared programme management and a clear process ownership of individual elements, facilitates a highly effective skills based recruitment solution.


Not only is the programme cost and time effective, it can help to avoid repetition and streamline and accelerate the candidate engagement

process; avoiding the unnecessary duplication of cost.